Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Well I am home, safe and sound, I tried to give most people a good bye call, but I was pretty sick all week so… life goes on. My car was packed full of stuff to move home. Guess what, most of it was clothes and most of that went on top of the car. I swear I never realized I had so many. But I wear most of them so I am not going to get rid of them!!! Now I am home in CA, yesterday it was like 70 degrees and today it’s raining.

Last night I just about went bezerk!! I called my friend Bret—he, my buddy Erick and I went to dinner and watched a movie, “cross roads” with britney spears. How could we resist?? We couldn’t actually rent a movie to be serious about—I don’t watch R and they don’t really watch much else…. So this is what we ended up with. It was actually more entertaining then I thought it would be. Back home, and well hoping things will be different—I really wish I was married. It’s sad and true.

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