Sunday, May 16, 2004

I really like writing better when it's in letter form. SO yesterday I attended this thing called "Time out for women." It's put on by Deseret Book. It was really great! I really enjoyed myself.

One of the speakers, was John Bytheway (yes for those of you who read, and don't comment, his name is pronounced By the way... funny huh?) This guy is great. I read one of his books when I was in 7th grade (about 13 years old) and I simply loved it. He certainly knows how to brighten spirits, you can hear is upbeat attitude in his writing, which may not be conventional, but I love it.

Another of the speakers was.... wait I can't even go though all the great talks that were given they were all just excellent. All in all it was just a great "Glorified Book tour" sort of thing. But I really liked it. SO I had a good day yesterday. How was your day?

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