Thursday, March 03, 2005

It’s thurs, I am tired and I have a midterm due tomorrow. What was I thinking waiting until now to start it? Well lets be honest, I really did attempt to start it at the beginning of the week, but in order for me to be able to do the midterm, I needed the software, before I could install the software, I needed more memory, before I could install more memory, I needed a static band, etc. You get the point. Meanwhile, I need an oil change and the valve on my tire is messed up so it keeps leaking air with out letting me put more in very easily—this presents a problem since I work in SALT LAKE 2 days a week.

So I figure I have an excuse for starting this late. But what does it matter if I have an excuse? I still have to do the midterm, it is still due tomorrow, and there are still only 24 hours in a day. Right? Right! So to make up for my lack of organization, I bought 4 liters of Coke a Cola -- the hard stuff, no weenie diet stuff for me. And I think I am pulling an all-nighter. Anyone wanna join me?

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