Friday, April 08, 2005

Living with in your means: A not-so original story

Living with in your means: A not-so original story

A Weakness: Living “with in your means is good.” It’s not always easy. When I look at my closet I deny my urge to go to the store, buy new clothes, charge them, and forget about the cost until the bill comes. I am not a savvy shopper so I avoid clothing places until Mom is in town. Unfortunately, there have been times I was caught of guard.

While shower curtain shopping at Target I noticed the clothing area. Don’t worry it’s not a temptation because I don’t buy clothes at Target. Not because I think I would be less of a person if I did, but because Target has just never been on my, “places I shop for clothes” list.

This should explain my absolute shock when the next morning big Target bags were on the floor, clothes I had never worn were on my desk, and a Target “temporary” credit card receipt was pushed into my wallet. The clothing draught had finally caught up with me (mom decided to get me other things besides clothes for x-mas). I had given in and in the least likely of places. It’s ok I though I was in need of some of these things anyway.

To my dismay, the shopping binge left me feeling stupid in the morning. Not only had I requested a Target Credit Card, I was guilty of buying with out trying. I remember snip bits of my rational the night before: “What is the difference between no x, x, xx, and xxx anyway? Large is large right? Just like anything 9 and below is small. Just take what you can and buy it.”

Oh the shame! I now have new clothes I want to wear and can’t. I still feel foolish. Sometimes I try them on and wish I could wear them, but then I would look foolish too. That can be even worse.

A Story: The house I am renting is for sale. Today a man knocked on the door and inquired about the house. I showed him the big backyard, the beautiful kitchen, and the backroom’s large closets. Can you believe he didn’t care about the large closets? What husband wouldn’t be happy to know they would be allowed space in a closet because there is enough room for two? What daughter wouldn’t be thankful that dad found a place with large closets? Honestly!

The lesson: Apparently this man’s kids have basically all left home. He and his wife are looking for a smaller place to live in, since they no longer need all the room. A small house, even with small closets would suit their needs just fine.

Which just reminded me, my suit is too small and it would be fun to wear one to work. I think I should go shopping for a new one. When will I learn?

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