Monday, August 29, 2005


After about two weeks of no internet access, I have come back.

I am back in Provo, I am finally semi set up in my apartment, I have started school, and I feel alright.

I live in Provo Canyon, please call me 722-9095

I have plans of being a hermit so if I am not very responsive please forgive me.

Life is good. will write more and later date.


Chester B. said...

You live up Provo canyon?

Don't tell me that you live in a lean-to or something like that!

Welcome back to the beehive state!

Nama said...

yeay!! eddie's back! i will call and we will play.

Nessa said...

I miss you.

kat said...

i haven't see you in forever.
and forever's a really long time.

Emily Allan said...

Im slightly jealous you are emerging. I haven't emerged in over 3 months, and I think Im starting to grow moss inbetween my toes.