Thursday, June 19, 2008

Profile Pic

Some of you may have noticed I have a new profile pic. This to the left, is me. At least the scooby doo verson of me. Andy drew this for a literary journal he was the Art Editor For. The journal theme was "My Word." When you see that picture can't you just see a little word bubble with that exact same phrase on there?

The Group wanted something for the poster that looked like a Lichtenstein. I guess it wasn't a close enough representation because they didn't use it. He got the cartoony part right. Maybe he should have had me crying or something. It's ok though, he only spent about 30 min on it. But I know what your thinking, he was the Art editor and they didn't even use his design for a poster? Well it's the big bosses that really matter in the business world and unfortunately for artists it's them they have to please.


Dennis said...

I like it. Somehow, it expresses a lot of your personality, too.

Nice job, Andy !


Emily A. W. said...

He's an awesome artist.

The Stromberg Epic said...

I love it and it's too bad they don't realize how cool it is!

alysha said...

very cool!

Fat eSpence said...

I like it very much. Strong likeness in a cartoony way.